Traffic jam (Or: Amsterdam’s in-water boat show 2012)

Roger was gracious enough to send me some pictures of Amsterdam’s in-water boat show which starts today, September 4, and runs through Sunday, September 9. He has been watching the construction of the marina over the past few months, which will house all of the boats this week. Apparently most of the marina will stay after the boat show wraps up, which is nice.

Location: Amsterdam Marina, NDSM Shipyard; Werfstraat 4, 1033 SN Amsterdam

Of course, it does mean there will be more traffic in the area, which hopefully won’t put a damper on Roger’s commute to and from work each day. It’s only four days, at least! Here’s a floor plan of the boat show so you can see the amount of boats that will be docked there. As Roger noted, it is kind of weird to see “Manoeuvreren voor vrouwen” in the lower left of the floor plan (maneuvering for women)… as if men don’t need any help, or all women need help. (I would!)

You can also see a list of activities broken down by day — though it seems like a lot of activities happen on all of the days.

There will be 200 exhibitors and 300 boats. You can read more about the facts & figures of this event by going to the press section of their website.

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3 thoughts on “Traffic jam (Or: Amsterdam’s in-water boat show 2012)

  1. The convention just opened with a speech by the mayor and a fireboat sprayed lots of water in the air (i guess on purpose)…

    Co-workers who commute to work by car were grilled this morning by people from the boatshow to see if they really were here for work and not to illiegally.

    I am still hoping most visitors come by car so the ferry i have to take to get from work to amsterdam central station won’t be too crowded.

    I guess we will see later today.

    Thanks for the blog to accompany my pics! One co-worker got permission to go out on our roof and take pics but i think i will stick with the pics i took safely from the stairwell.

    • Sounds insane. Sucks that your coworkers get grilled just coming to work. They should use that as an excuse to take the rest of the week off. 😛

      Oh well, at least you have decent entertainment out the windows (if you go over to them) for a while.

  2. …to illegally park i was meant to write..

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