Football (Or: The squashed ball kind)

Ah! It’s the opening night of the NFL season again. Cowboys vs. Giants at the MetLife stadium. I have never been there – only the old stadium that the Giants and Jets used to share. That was an awesome night – Roger, Marco and I went to a Jets game vs the Cincinnati Bengals (the animal, not a bread product).

It was the last game of the regular season. It was the only game left on the schedule that had playoff implications. So NFL decided to use their flex scheduling option to move the 4:15PM game to 8:15PM. Did I mention the last regular season game for NFL occurs in early January?

So freaking COLD.

When a coworker tells you to bring cardboard so you can step on it and insulate your feet, listen! It was 15-17F (-8C) most of the time, with a bit of wind. Yet, it was an unbelievable experience, too, as it was my first NFL game ever. For all of us. Since it was “win and get in” type implications for the playoffs, each fan received a rally towel to whip around their head like a maniac. I also remember Roger cheering like crazy. One of my stronger memories. That and the hot chocolate was only hot for about 1.5 seconds. And the few Bengals fans who came got a bit of ribbing and booing, but not that bad (thankfully).

But it was a shutout for the Jets. They won 37-0. The other team never even scored! The only problem was the high score meant that people started leaving early in the 3rd quarter (with one quarter to go), so the stadium emptied and the body heat dispersed. Yikes.

I will definitely miss the NFL games when I move. Marco does have ESPN America, but there is also the time difference to consider. But I will still be able to see a game on Sunday nights at least.

* * * * * *

Awesome street band sign, by ithinkthereforiamsterdam. I highly recommend a quick click.

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