Kruidnootjes (or: OMG! How dare you sell these already?!)

From Marco…

At work we have a large candy jar that we fill occassionally.
The past week I noticed at the supermarket near work that they had ‘kruidnootjes’ already.
So I bought them to put them in the jar. Several coworkers raised an eyebrow. “kruidnootjes in september?”

That’s exactly the reason I bought them to be honest. It makes for fun conversation material, and a good blog post. 🙂 Sinterklaas snacks and candy showing up in stores earlier and earlier. September 1st is the earliest I’ve seen them.

There’s people who claim they cannot do sell them at this point, have to wait until November or something like that. Because these things aren’t summer-food but are tied in to the Sinterklaas thing. It’s not like they’re flooding the stores already (which they do in late November) but there’s a small section already. And they put it in a noticable spot so a lot of people see it (and despite all the complaints pick up some stuff)

Yet the funny thing is, I don’t really understand why they don’t sell things like kruidnootjes all year around. They’re pretty delicious and there’s still plenty of other Sinterklaas candy that can be seasonal. Like chocolate letters (haven’t seen those yet) and ‘gevulde speculaas’ which is a soft type of speculaas filled with almond paste. Very sweet but very good.

Funny thing, I like ‘pepernoten’ better. Haven’t seen them yet. Once I do I’ll get some of those for sure. To erhm write about it in a blog post of course. Yup, that’s the only reason..I swear 🙂

(Note by Niki: yes, Mom & Dad. This is the addictive snack that Marco brought over last Christmas for you guys, which disappeared in about 24 hours.)

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One thought on “Kruidnootjes (or: OMG! How dare you sell these already?!)

  1. Jacqueline

    At one point you are right; they are really good tasting and I would love to buy them already and eat them but… when you have small kids you cannot do that because of the connection with Sinterklaas.. You niece Kelley saw them in the leaflet of the store and immediately asked when Sinterklaas would arrive than since it hasnot been her or Lesleys birthday yet and the Zwarte Pieten were not on their way to the Netherlands yet… I always tell them that when they see the Sinterklaas candy coming in the store the Zwarte Pieten start coming to see whether the children are naughty or nice and to buy them their gifts yet… But I guess I will have to chance my lecture about this….

    And you are rigth; pepernoten are even better!! Jammieeee … I am mouthwatering yet 😀

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