Bugs (Or: Is your butt on fire?)

A few days ago I wrote a blog post for Niki that I sent to her even before I came over. Today I’m writing this life, while tied to her fridge. No, just kidding..I’m lying down on the floor as I often do at her place.

For a week or so I wanted to write about the crazy subject of bugs. I have several fun memories of Niki attached to some of those sometimes bothersome little creatures.

There’s the one about her first day in the Netherlands ever. We went out for a walk, and ending up on ‘ het plein’ which is a famous place in The Hague, right next to the Binnenhof. The statue of ‘Willem de zwijger’ is in the center of the square.  As you might recall there is a copy of that statue in New Brunswick where Niki studied.

Around the edges is a plethora of bars with terraces. Niki and I sat down at one of them for a drink. While we were seated a ladybug landed on our table and walked around. I don’t remember why we didn’t just blow it up and away but we amused ourselves watching it for a bit. I also told Niki the Dutch word for lady bug.. Lieveheersbeestje. Or; Dear Lord’s animal. Of course it’s mashed into one word in typical Dutch fashion.

Another memory is from well…it’s happening NOW.
I’ve never visited Niki’s current town at this time of year and I definitely don’t recall the constant sound of chirping and such by the bugs in the nearby bushes. It amuses me, because I’m totally not used to it, living in the middle of The Hague.

The best bug related memory however is summer 2009. Niki’s place at the time was across a small park with a large lawn of grass. One day, as the dusk came in, we decided to go for a walk and went down one of the paths. Truth be told, it wasn’t a large park so after about 10 minutes we were at the other edge and started walking back. We decided to sit down for a bit at the edge of the lawn, enjoying the evening and the oncoming darkness.

As we set there we saw more and more tiny little lights rise up from the grass. More and more fireflies appeared, flashing brightly for a few seconds and then disappearing again. Signaling one another, trying to find a mate. Combined with the lazy warmth of a summer evening and the great company it was pretty romantic.

Then of course later we learned that there’s an evil firefly eating bug that fakes the lights to lure in their victims. So maybe all we saw was the last sign of life of the flies before they were about to be dinner. 🙂

Still..fun memories 🙂

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