Birthdays (Or: Black markers and vanilla cakes)

Fun fact: 6 years ago yesterday Marco and I met in person for the first time. Oct 19, 2006. We met at UberCon, a gaming convention in the northeast.

In Spring 2007, I went to my third ever UberCon. It was run by the owner of Avatar MUD, the game I have played since I was 14 (yeesh! more than half my life).

At this convention Marco gave me a tattoo, in permanent black marker:

Of course the “tattoo” washed out in about 4-5 days. Thankfully I had shirt sleeves that were long enough to cover it, as back then I worked in the children’s department of a library.

A discerning eye might realize that I was wearing a Colts football jersey at the time. That was because I lost a bet with a friend — I think the Bears lost to the Colts. So yeah, I had to wear the jersey the whole day!

The convention was held the same weekend as my birthday, so I also had a surprise birthday party with a vanilla cake:


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One thought on “Birthdays (Or: Black markers and vanilla cakes)

  1. Marco

    It might be fun to share the story from my point of view as well.
    So we had met in October 06 (don’t recall if we told the story already. If not, we’ll save it for another time)
    Then in april 07 that game convention was in some suburb of Detroit (the 1st and last time it was not on the east coast)

    Now in March/April I usually go on a trip to Wrestlemania with my friends Roger & Mark.
    That year it just happened to be in Detroit. I made plans to go visit the convention on Saturday.
    But at the time, since Niki and I were “just friends” (though there was already a spark..) I hadn’t told them why I really wanted to go.
    So I bet they thought I was weird “’re leaving downtown Detroit, with all the awesome WM events to go hang out with some game nerds?”
    It was fun. We only got to hang out for a few hours though..but still worth it..

    Oh-and non-Niki related. When I got back to Detroit, I met up with my friends in the Hockey Town Cafe ( which was a VERY awesome experience to Roger and myself. OMG. Awesome Red Wings memorabilia everywhere!

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