Forgotten (Or: Bike wheel in the fall)

As you know, the Netherlands is notorious for having a lot of bikes in its country. Unfortunately, this one has since been cannibalized – it is (was) a bike right outside where Marco works.

The wheel has been outside for at least three or four months. Apparently the owner didn’t even care about taking his lock when he realized his bike was stolen. So the leaves just keep building up underneath…

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4 thoughts on “Forgotten (Or: Bike wheel in the fall)

  1. pretty sure that if the thief was a Dutch one he/she would have taken care of the wheel too: way too good to be left out there! ahah! 😀

  2. When we lived in Amsterdam we certainly saw a lot of bikes (actually parts of bikes) still locked to something but missing most of it’s parts. I always thought – how sad. Then their was the bikes they were always pulling out of the canals. The thing is your bike is so important and expensive. Virginia

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