Election 2012 (Or: Rockefeller Plaza)

Today is Election Day, and Rockefeller plaza is all decked out!

http://nyclovesnyc.blogspot.com. Click the image to be taken to the blog post, with many more images (including this photo in a much larger size).

One of the coolest things that Rockefeller Plaza does is draw a map of the United States into the world famous ice rink. As each state’s winner is determined, that state is colored either blue or red (see a 2008 example).

Rendering of what the area will look like, including the map of the United States not yet colored in. Official website

Flickr/Andrew Dallos. Click on the image to see the photographer’s page, as well as download a larger size.

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4 thoughts on “Election 2012 (Or: Rockefeller Plaza)

  1. Marco

    Laaaame. We didn’t even have a flashlight aimed at our buildings when we went voting a few months ago.

    (seriously, that looks amazing (tho i wonder how much that costs) …and not so seriously..This is still not as cool as when we went to see the NYR anniversary jersey being unveiled. Even though Ron Duguay was there.)

    • I just remember in 2000 when they eventually had to remove the United States map from the Rockefeller ice rink…since the election was in dispute for so long. :p The poor map looked really pitiful.

      (Hopefully I am not misremembering and they really did have this event back then.)

  2. Henny

    Only the words,GAAF.

  3. That looks cool indeed. Nyc rawks!

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