4 years (Or: Change I believe in)

From Marco…

In November 2008 the world as we knew it changed. The unthinkable happened.

Since then, we’ve been on a crazy roller coaster filled with steps forward and steps back. We’ve slowly climbing up towards the top of the mountain, creating a better place, a better world. No, I’m not talking about politics, but I cannot help but bring up the timeline and make some comparisons.

In late October ’08 I visited Niki and saying goodbye was so hard to do. When I left it was still just as a friend but that changed when we got to talk a few days later. Basically we just said “let’s try this..see where we can go from here”. Or, to tie it in to the political storm at the time.There was change in the air and we said “Yes, we can!”

A lot has happened in those four years, even though it seems like we’ve only made small steps. Back in early ’09 we already talked about our future plans, knowing that if we wanted to make the long distance work it couldn’t be just a simple “boyfriend-girlfriend” thing. We thought ahead, talked about living together eventually and even about family plans (see if each of us wanted kids)
Then for a while there was a little status quo. We knew what we wanted, we didn’t actively work on getting there yet.

Moving to another country (in either way) is a big change and while we believed in it, we didn’t want to rush into anything. Then of course the past year the wheels have been set in motion.
Four years, it seems like such a long time..so much has changed around us in the world. But also for ourselves. Niki went from going to college to working at a college. We’ve gone through a lot together, visiting places, spending time, figuring out the future. Yet in a way it’s just like many say about the Obama presidency the past four years.. “How’s my life different than it was four years ago? How have things improved?”

Well..I say that life definitely has changed for both Niki and myself but in a way it’s all been small stuff. Setting the stage for the big one, the actual move to the Netherlands. And then we can move on with life, move….Forward!

(Yes, I am very pleased with myself that I started with the slogan from 4 years ago and ending with the current one)

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4 thoughts on “4 years (Or: Change I believe in)

  1. Well said! 😉 xxx

  2. Well said indeed. You forgot to mention voting irregularities though concerning the girlfriend tax referendum though. (In the end i think it was decided the girlfriend tax is set and changed at a moments notice by the girlfriend/fiance)

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