Wrestling (Or: Ring of Honor and WWE)

From Marco…

Sunday is our last full day in the States.
So obviously we’re spending it at home, taking it easy, enjoy a good home made meal, right?

Wrong. Today we’re overindulging on wrestling. Lots of it.
And the good stuff too. We’re attending two ‘pay-per-views’ on one day. Six hours in total.
Meaning “the important shows of a wrestling federation”

First, in the early afternoon we’ll be seated in the 2nd row for Ring of Honor’s “Final Battle 2012“.
It’s billed as “Doomsday” which of course is a nice tip of the hat to the Mayan thing..
But well..it’s going to be fitting as we get some hellacious matches.
Niki doesn’t know many guys that are appearing (none except 2 names) but when she saw my enthusiasm for things like the American Wolves reunion, the 3-threat tag match involving the Briscoes and of course the ‘ladder war’ match between arch enemies El Generico (the Generic Luchadore) and ” wrestling’s worst nightmare” Kevin Steen, she agreed to go (I also promised to protect her from any blood, sweat or wrestlers flying around)

But the fun doesn’t end there. After the show is over, we make our way to Brooklyn for WWE’s TLC ppv.
WWE is obviously a size bigger than ROH, and they themed their ppv event ‘Tables Ladders and Chairs’  (oh my!) We won’t be on the 2nd row, but still have great seats.
There’ll be a variety of fun matches. One where tables are legal to use, another one features chairs and well..one of them where all 3 of them are legal 🙂 Now I know you might think this is all very brutal. But no worries. There’s actual wrestling happening too. 3 great matches that should feature lots of flying, jumping and wrenching of body parts. Yay. Since Niki watches WWE on a regular basis, she knows who’s who and why they are fighting. That always helps to make it more entertaining 🙂

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. I’m lucky Niki likes a lot of the things I like. Sports, wrestling, and food *giggle*
So after this crazy day, we’ll get ready to fly back to the Netherlands on Monday.
I’m sure you’ll hear all about that in the next few updates 🙂


Official 2012 TLC poster with “Ryback”, one of the wrestlers

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2 thoughts on “Wrestling (Or: Ring of Honor and WWE)

  1. K. Mack

    have LOTS of fun and be safe from your Bus Driver friend.It was my pleasure to get tomeet you NIKI, and it seems like your in good hands.So this is goodbye for now,it’s going to take awhile geeting use to not picking anyone up on that corner.But i’m glad to have met you……….

    • Thank you very much. Miss ya! Just got back from Ring of Honor and of course Matt Hardy got a lot of fat jokes.

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