Sixth day (Or: Back to American football)

Today was definitely a nice lazy day, with no one visiting.  We woke up a bit earlier than usual, though it was still difficult. I don’t feel that tired once I am actually out of bed though. I am sure sticking contacts on one’s eyes definitely helps!

Late in the afternoon, we made our way over to Albert Heijn, which is a bit crazy to maneuver through on a Sunday at 4PM. We just finished dinner, which was tomato soup with bread slices and hard sesame seed breadsticks. And now ESPN America has been turned on, to watch some NFL (football). The first game is Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelers, and after that it is the New York Giants at the Baltimore Ravens.

It definitely feels weird to watch football at 7PM versus the 1PM I am used to on the east coast. The day is already more than half over before football comes on! But otherwise it is okay. Depending on how late you stay up, you can watch almost all of the second game before it hits midnight. So one could definitely get a good dose of football if desired.

ESPN America

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3 thoughts on “Sixth day (Or: Back to American football)

  1. There are more games tomorrow afternoon/evening. We’ll be watching the Saints/Cowboys game at 4 pm tomorrow. Typically, you can see the Monday night game on Tuesday evening, as well.

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