Fifth day (Or: Hanging with friends)

Today we managed to get up a bit earlier, with the help of a carefully crafted alarm clock scheme which was set to go off earlier in the morning. It mostly worked…

For lunch we went simple this time – my request was bread with cheese and jalapeno slices. It wasn’t slices of bread but rather little bread pockets which you bake and then cut open to stick the cheese and jalapenos inside.

Marco’s mom visited at 1PM, so we had a lot of fun torturing Marco as she tried to explain various events and stories in Dutch and English (though I am not sure Marco calls that type translating fun!). Now after a cup of tea she has departed, and here I am writing the blog post.

Of course, I am writing this blog post earlier in the day as we will be going over to Roger’s in a few hours to have dinner and watch various tv shows and wrestling. Generally Marco doesn’t get back until pretty late so I didn’t want to have to start the blog post at that time of night.

Here is the Christmas tree that we put together (Marco did 98% of the work on the branches and the lights, but I got pretty into the decorations even though you cannot see that them well here):

Christmas tree 2012

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