Eighth day (Or: Dutch gourmetten in action)

Today Marco and I went to his mother’s for a Christmas meal. I was pleased to hear that we were going to have gourmetten, something I haven’t had for two years.

gourmetten pan warming up

First, a picture of the gourmetten pan warming up, with oil on top and in the six little pans below. We turned it on in advance and waited for about 30 minutes.

various condiments for gourmetten

Above are most of the condiments that she provided, including the yellow mustard (an American thing, but sold at Albert Heijn), mayonnaise, knoflooksaus (garlic sauce), salt, pepper, etc. There was also little pieces of bread and garlic butter, which I find quite tasty.

pizza bacon and green beans for gourmetten

Above, some of the things that were put on the pan – at bottom, little individual pizzas (yum) and up top, green beans wrapped in bacon.

Dutch gourmetten pan in action

The Dutch gourmetten set in action – chicken and pork on the left, sausages in the middle, and bacon (I think) and other meats on the right. Below was shoarma I believe. Yum. In the bowl at the bottom of the picture you can see pindasaus – one of Marco’s favorite sauces. It’s from Indonesia. I actually liked the way that his mother made it – lighter on the tongue. The store bought version Marco used a few days earlier was a bit too heavy for me.

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4 thoughts on “Eighth day (Or: Dutch gourmetten in action)

  1. I hope next monday’s gourmetten will be as tasty as this evening’s dinner was!

  2. Margriet Brouwer

    hello Niki and Marco, today we had gourmet as well. I noticed it started to snow on this page, how did you manage to do that?

    • Cool to hear that you also had gourmet. 🙂

      The ability to show snow on this page is a WordPress feature which they started in 2007. You just check a box, and the code is invisibly added to your page. It runs through January 6th or so.

      The original post where it was introduced in 2007 is here (if interested): http://en.blog.wordpress.com/2007/12/25/let-it-snow/

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