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Anyone up for gourmetten? (Or: Fun times in October)

Another “Wow. Is it that time already?” type posts. Next week’s Albert Heijn discount flyer includes discounts on meat for gourmetten. In October. Does anyone remember if that is actually normal?

Like my post about the Christmas display at the CASA store, I am not against this. However, gourmetten is a social activity so you’re more likely to invite people over to your house. Which doesn’t sound that good in corona times.

New Year’s Eve 2013

But, one step back: there’s no good translation of gourmetten in English, but it is sort of like an indoors barbecue. You have a special grill or baking plate which you place in the centre of the table. You can grill almost anything you want (meat, fish, veggie meat, bell peppers, mushrooms, pineapples…). Generally the meat goes on the top. There are also 6 to 8 slots underneath with ‘little pans’ where you put the more fragile stuff like veggies and mushrooms, or even pancake batter to make pancakes. Add some baguette bread with butter and other toppings and you are set for the evening. But generally gourmetten is very popular at Easter, Christmas and New Year’s Eve, not in October. (Or sometimes you can request it for your birthday. I think I did that one year!)

Christmas 2012 (check out the mini pans underneath)

Hmmm. Gourmetten, anyone?

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That time of year! (Or: Gourmet minis at Albert Heijn)

One of the best things about the upcoming holidays (besides finally having a few days off – the last public holiday was June 5th!) is breaking out the gourmet set for New Year’s Eve.

Gourmetten is awesome. You have a little grill that goes in the middle of the dinner table and you spend a few hours grilling meats, vegetables (onions, paprika), and other miscellaneous items like pineapple (yuuuum!).

To get a sense of what it is like, check out this blog post from 2015.

Gourmet minis at Albert Heijn (2017)

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Time to “gourmetten” (Or: Fun in the Netherlands for New Year’s Eve)

This year we are celebrating New Year’s Eve at Roger’s. One of the most important parts of that (besides hanging out with friends, of course!) is “gourmetten”. Below is a picture of all of the gourmetten foods Roger purchased for the evening, although we already know we won’t be able to eat everything.


“Gourmetten” is a Dutch tradition of frying meats and (to a lesser extent) vegetables on a small grill on the dinner table. You can see pictures of the gourmet grill in the 2015 New Year’s Eve blog post I made. Roger purchased a new grill for 2016, so I will try and take some photos of that in action. I can’t wait!

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How to “gourmetten”, Dutch style (Or: New Year’s Eve 2015)

A lot of Dutch have a New Year’s Eve tradition of dusting off their gourmetten sets to grill up mini meats, fish and vegetables, similar to the New Year’s tradition of consuming oliebollen.  I’ve written about it a few times, but here’s a look at how it went this year.

First we start with a clean set. This set in particular is good for 3-4 people and has 8 pans underneath for extra grilling potential:

Dutch gourmet set

Here is a look at the underside so you can see the pans:

Dutch gourmet set with 8 single serve pans underneath

And a look at the meat we grilled up:

Meat tray for Dutch gourmetten

Dutch supermarkets sell a lot of gourmet mini sets with items that are pre-cut and otherwise packaged in small containers (meats, sauces, peppers, onions and similar). They are frequently sold as “buy 2, get 1 free”.

The gourmet set in action:

Gourmet set pans underneath

And the most awesome thing ever? Grilled pineapple at the bottom (which I have never had until Marco and I went to Rodizio).

Cooking meats on a Dutch gourmet set

And also underneath – shoarma and mushrooms. Yum. Not shown – bread with a choice of garlic butter, aioli and sweet paprika sauce.

Until next year!

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Dutch gourmetten (Or: Eten eten eten!)

It’s New Year’s Eve which for most Dutchies can mean only one thing – gourmetten! It’s a social activity – get together with friends and family and eat, eat, eat. You grill meat and other things, a few pieces at a time. Very gezellig (a happy, warm feeling when you do things with others – no direct translation).

the start of Dutch gourmetten

the start of gourmetten – lots and lots to eat!

We had lots to eat – lots of different types of meats, as well as paprika, onions, mushrooms, bacon, pineapple (yum – you haven’t lived until you’ve had grilled pineapple), bread, and other things.

Dutch gourmetten in progress

gourmetten in action!

There was also a lot of sauces – peanut sauce (pindasaus), garlic sauce, chili lime hot sauce, barbecue sauce (thanks Mom & Dad!), buffalo wings sauce, and more.

Dutch after dinner snacks

after dinner snacks

And then you have the snacks afterwards – krentenbollen (of course – oliebollen with raisins), appelflappen (apple dessert), ananasflappen (pineapple), and more. Yum!

Eten eten eten… and later, fireworks!

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Eighth day (Or: Dutch gourmetten in action)

Today Marco and I went to his mother’s for a Christmas meal. I was pleased to hear that we were going to have gourmetten, something I haven’t had for two years.

gourmetten pan warming up

First, a picture of the gourmetten pan warming up, with oil on top and in the six little pans below. We turned it on in advance and waited for about 30 minutes.

various condiments for gourmetten

Above are most of the condiments that she provided, including the yellow mustard (an American thing, but sold at Albert Heijn), mayonnaise, knoflooksaus (garlic sauce), salt, pepper, etc. There was also little pieces of bread and garlic butter, which I find quite tasty.

pizza bacon and green beans for gourmetten

Above, some of the things that were put on the pan – at bottom, little individual pizzas (yum) and up top, green beans wrapped in bacon.

Dutch gourmetten pan in action

The Dutch gourmetten set in action – chicken and pork on the left, sausages in the middle, and bacon (I think) and other meats on the right. Below was shoarma I believe. Yum. In the bowl at the bottom of the picture you can see pindasaus – one of Marco’s favorite sauces. It’s from Indonesia. I actually liked the way that his mother made it – lighter on the tongue. The store bought version Marco used a few days earlier was a bit too heavy for me.

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