Mondays (Or: Surrounded by snow and DVDs)

So, it started snowing today. Not a lot of course, but something:

beginning of snowfall in The Hague

Today was definitely a slower day. I went to Albert Heijn to pick up some grocery items.  I did pretty good in terms of figuring out the language, even correctly figured out that the cashier was asking if I had an extra 20c piece (truthfully all I heard was ‘twintig’ and I guessed). I was thrown off a bit when she asked for my bonus card, as I did not think I picked up any bonus items or anything on discount. But when I looked over the receipt later I did see some savings, so it is probably best to just present it each time.

I wandered over to the library again but was thrown off by later opening hours on Mondays – the library does not open until 12PM. Marco explained that some stores or other establishments still have later opening hours on Mondays, but that practice goes back to when not many stores were even open on Sundays at all.

A few hours before Marco returned home from work I decided to take a crack at organizing his DVDs again. As he had moved around a lot of stuff in his apartment to make room for me and my items, his DVDs ended up being put back in rather jumbled order. Today I just worked on sorting his blue rays and his wrestling DVDs. I still have TV shows and DVD movies to go (whenever). Those tend to be the two largest sections.

Lastly Marco and I watched the 2009 Star Trek movie, the reboot of the original series. I never watched that TV show, although I understand most of the Kirk/Spock/etc jokes that have entered the culture. Growing up I generally watched Next Generation, Voyager, and DS9. But I never got into the last version, Star Trek Enterprise. Even if it did have Scott Bakula from Quantum Leap…

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4 thoughts on “Mondays (Or: Surrounded by snow and DVDs)

  1. Margriet Brouwer

    yes Nikky it is the best to show your bonus card everytime, if you have an airmiles card you can add it to the one of Albert Heijn and save more points every time. And one advice note your cardnumber somewhere in case you loose it, I did several times loose mine and had to apply for a new one, so I finally learned and wrote down the number somewhere, hope I can remember where.

    • Right now I am just using Marco’s bonus card. So as long as the number is on both we are okay… 😉 Thanks for the information. I hope you are well!

  2. Your photograph of the snow and bicycle is very striking Niki. When next shopping at Albert Heijn check the soup section for their house brand Tomato Asian soup. It is the best commercial made soup I have ever tasted. Virginia

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