Boeken (Or: Selexyz bookstore moving into De Slegte)

For some months now it has been known that a new Apple store would be moving into The Hague – the largest Apple store in the Netherlands, in fact, even larger than Amsterdam. They would be taking over space from another well-known bookstore that goes by the name of Selexyz (pronounced something like sa-leks-yas). They would be moving into the De Passage, a shopping area I have blogged about occasionally.

That store, in turn, would be moving in with another bookstore, De Slegte. I don’t visit that bookstore that much, partially because they have a lot of books but nothing that seems to interest me particularly.

When I visited De Slegte, most of the stock was already gone – it was probably only about 20% full:

empty shelves at De Slegte in The Hague

Of course, there were still some books available, but it was definitely a very small amount:

preparation for the move at De Slegte in The Hague

Of course, the most interesting thing is this:

As part of the terms of its lease with ASR Vastgoed, Apple will prohibit the decade-long tradition of displaying a large Christmas tree in the rotunda of the shopping arcade because it will block the company’s retail storefront.

Boo! No more Christmas tree in De Passage?!

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2 thoughts on “Boeken (Or: Selexyz bookstore moving into De Slegte)

  1. I will miss the Selexy in the Passage! I’m so sad about this! And Apple already had a store in the Passage!!! Are you sure about the Christmas Tree?! Wat een zonde!

  2. At least Selexyz isn’t moving that far, with De Slegte being so close. No idea what the store will be called. Apple probably just wants the biggest store possible. Even if their stock shares are dropping. 😉

    I assume the Christmas tree thing is legit. I asked my friends and they said they had heard about it already.

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