Oral tests (Or: Speaking in Dutch)

Today I had my oral test at Volksuniversiteit, to see what class I could sign up for. I wanted to go for the A2 halfbeginners course, but I needed to take an oral test to prove that my level was good enough for that class. I called the line this morning (Ik spreek een beetje Nederlands, maar spreek u engels of niet? I speak a little Dutch, but do you speak English or no?)

To my surprise, they were able to schedule me for an oral test tonight at 7pm. Which meant that Marco and I had to rush through dinner a bit (chicken stir fry, yum) but it worked out. And it meant getting it over with quickly before I stressed about it too much.

It would be the first time I took a bus alone, not counting the times I have gone to Marco’s work. But I did ask Marco to come with me to the bus stop I needed to wait at, which proved quite helpful. I had researched where I needed to go using the 9292 app, so that was not too much of a problem after that. And all of the buses have computer screens with the upcoming stops and and a reminder to check out with your OV-chip card.

Also interesting was the fact that since my appointment was at 7PM, about 7 or 8 people on the bus were also getting off at the same stop as a handful of classes started at that time. That made it pretty obvious where I needed to go.

The oral test itself wasn’t that bad. Wat is dit? Dit is een tafel. De tafel of het tafel? De tafel (table) and getting a bit harder from there. We spoke about 95% Dutch, and I had to say Ik weet het niet about five or six times  (= I don’t know). I was usually able to answer in complete sentences and sometimes provide extra information. The last bit of the oral exam was harder – he started to get into expressions and similar, which I simply have not memorized.

So in the end he suggested the same level that I was interested in (A2, which is a step above beginners but not quite intermediate) because it was quite clear I would be bored if I was placed into A1 but I did have issues with word order. (I usually forget to put the verbs at the end of the clause or sentence when it is required.) I am familiar with most of the rules – I just don’t have enough practice speaking yet nor do I have the rules memorized.

In the next few days Marco and I will register for the class officially, but tonight I just feel like quietly celebrating (and relaxing).


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7 thoughts on “Oral tests (Or: Speaking in Dutch)

  1. Marco

    Double YAY!

  2. That’s wonderful! My class starts tomorrow, and though I know a few basics, I still went for beginners. 🙂 I’ll keep you (and the blog) posted! *crosses fingers for both of us*

  3. Woohoo! Great job Niki!

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