Koninginnedag 2013 (Or: Orange things to buy, wear, decorate, and eat)

Tomorrow is Koninginnedag, or Queen’s Day. It’s also when Queen Beatrix abdicates the throne for her son, Willem-Alexander. There will be a lot of events going on, especially in Amsterdam where the main festivities are (schedule). One of the local movie theaters in The Hague will also be showing the abdication live.

Here are some pictures of the various random things you can buy to mark the event. I already did a blog post on the first photo, but the rest are new:

accessories for Koninginnedag 2013

Frilly orange scarves and more

Albert Heijn wuppie for Koninginnedag 2013

Albert Heijn “Wuppie” – royal version. (you receive one for every €15 you spend).

buttons for Koninginnedag 2013

Buttons and more. If it’s orange, it sells.

coke can for Koninginnedag 2013

Even Coke got involved – “Share a coke with our Koning [King]”

hats and more for Koninginnedag 2013

Do you need some orange hats?

mini oranje soccer balls for Koninginnedag 2013

Perhaps some mini orange soccer balls?

orange juice voor Koninginnedag 2013

Normally orange juice is called Sinaasappelsap (sinaasappel, sap=juice), but just to get the word “oranje” in there, they called it “jus d’oranje”. Note also the crown over the A.

oranje glitter for Koninginnedag 2013

orange hair glitter, of course!

oranje hat and glasses for Koninginnedag 2013

You can also add some stylish orange glasses!

oranje vla for Koninginnedag 2013

limited edition – it’s similar to yogurt, but orange flavor.

shirt of Queen Beatrix for Koninginnedag 2013

You can even get the Queen’s face on your shirt. Hmmm.

shirts for Koninginnedag 2013

A bit more stylish, this adds in a bike and a Dutch flag.

toilet paper for Koninginnedag 2013

This is cute actually – the mascot for this toilet paper (Page), gets a crown.

trinkets for Koninginnedag 2013

You can’t go wrong with a lot of Dutch flags.

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2 thoughts on “Koninginnedag 2013 (Or: Orange things to buy, wear, decorate, and eat)

  1. Gotta love it!!! At least I do. Can’t say I buy many of these products but in today’s cynical world it’s good to see people still enjoy stuff like this. Of course some people bitch and complain about the monarchy and such but it’s just part of being a dutchie…

    • teehee yeah. Like I said, I thought the toilet paper was cute. I wonder if they actually change the print or not. (I know the winter version had the dog in snow.)

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