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Koninginnenacht 2013 (Or: The Hague)

Last night Marco and I went out to enjoy Koninginnenacht, or the night before Queen’s Day. (If you live in The Hague you should really drop the ‘t off nacht, but I digress.) In The Hague you have several stages set up throughout the center of the city, with 7 stages this year. You have various musical acts throughout the night, generally lasting 45 minutes to an hour each.

Even Google got into the Queen’s Day festivities…

Google logo for King Willem-Alexander van Oranje

Hovering over the Google logo gives you: Queensday 2013: Best wishes to King Willem-Alexander!

Marco said that a few years ago (or so) they made the cardinal mistake of only having a few stages and advertising a rather popular band to the main stage at some point in the night. The result was chaos as hundreds of thousands of people tried to converge on the main stage. Since then, they have increased the number of stages and used slightly less popular bands.

Hommerson Casino Koninginnenacht The Hague 2013

Hommerson casino decorations

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Koninginnedag 2013 (Or: Orange things to buy, wear, decorate, and eat)

Tomorrow is Koninginnedag, or Queen’s Day. It’s also when Queen Beatrix abdicates the throne for her son, Willem-Alexander. There will be a lot of events going on, especially in Amsterdam where the main festivities are (schedule). One of the local movie theaters in The Hague will also be showing the abdication live.

Here are some pictures of the various random things you can buy to mark the event. I already did a blog post on the first photo, but the rest are new:

accessories for Koninginnedag 2013

Frilly orange scarves and more

Albert Heijn wuppie for Koninginnedag 2013

Albert Heijn “Wuppie” – royal version. (you receive one for every €15 you spend).

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Koninginnedag 2013 (Or: Orange roses and flowers)

We have some friends visiting over the weekend so we decided to buy some flowers to brighten up the place a bit. I was left with the buying task, so of course I am going to choose something orange to reflect the upcoming Koninginnedag (Queen’s Day) holiday on Tuesday.

orange roses and flowers for Dutch Queen's Day


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Hema (Or: Queen’s Day store display)

I took this picture last week (in March). Hema has already put a small store display with decorations for Koninginnedag 2013 (Queen’s Day). The last one in fact. Since Queen Beatrix is giving up the throne on that day, the following year we will have Koningsdag (King’s Day) for her son.

Queens Day in the Netherlands store display

But really – I didn’t know people needed their decorations 5 weeks in advance!

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