Unexpected art (Or: Car sideways on a building)

I definitely wasn’t expecting to see this random bit of art when Marco and I were walking through Schilderswijk (= painter’s district) in the The Hague. One of the many neighborhoods.

car stuck on the side of the building art

What drew my eyes first were the arrows leading up…

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3 thoughts on “Unexpected art (Or: Car sideways on a building)

  1. Think this is close to the super random statue of a horse on a pedestal. Did you see that one?

    • Nah, don’t think so. Where’s it at?

      • I think if you pass the cars on the building on your left hand side it will be a bit further on your right hand side.. there is a little park with the statue in it.. high pedestal with a horse. When i had to walk to the train station after my bike got stolen i used to pass the statue every morning and thought it looked real cool but still have no idea what the thought is behind it.

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