Test scores (Or: Dutch lesson 14 of 14)

Yesterday was the last lesson for the A2 Dutch course. We also got our test results back. I scored a 171/193 points. That’s pretty good.

Score on Dutch A2 test

Total points: 171 (goed/good). Good range: 145-193. Advice: Go further with level B1.

I did of course make a few stupid mistakes. 😉 Two mistakes with the perfectum (example: I have gone) and two with the imperfectum (example: I went). And my Achilles heel is prepositions … I think I missed 5 out of 22 or something similar! But otherwise, it was good.

The rest of the class went pretty well. We didn’t look at the textbook or the workbook to do the last chapter, but rather did some more fun things. First she mentioned some good books to look at:

Nederlandse Grammatica voor Anderstalingen; ISBN 90 5517 014 3. She said this grammar book was rather comprehensive.

Nederlands in actie: Methode NT2 voor hoogopgeleide anderstaligenISBN: 978 90 469 0298 1. Apparently this is a good replacement for Contact 2, which is the textbook that we would be using in the next class.

Then we took turns doing voorlezen (reading aloud) from a 1973 children’s book called Floddertje. We read two of the short stories — “Opgesloten” and “Allemaal kaal” (which are ‘locked’ and ‘totally bald’). In the first story, she gets locked in her room so she won’t get dirty before guests come over. Doesn’t work. In the second story, she goes to the hair salon but due to a misunderstanding between her and her mom, ends up totally bald.

After that, we finished up by playing a vocabulary game: Pim Pam Pet. You have a stack of cards with vocabulary questions and one player spins to see what letter the answer must start with.

For example, I won these two cards:

een transport middel -> R -> Randstad Rail

Wat zie je op een boederij? -> K -> Koe


Method of transport -> R -> Randstad Rail (name of a Dutch train service)

What do you see on a farm? -> K-> Cow

And that was the end!

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3 thoughts on “Test scores (Or: Dutch lesson 14 of 14)

  1. Gratz Niki!! Thats a good score!!

    I used to LOVE Pim pam pet…awesome game..

  2. Good Job Niki

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