Apps (Or: Get it spelled NL)

This weekend a family member introduced me to another Dutch app. It is a spelling app which for the moment seems to only be available for iOS6+ (iPhone, iPad, and iTouch). it is called Get it Spelled NL.

So far I have only played with the free version, which lets you oefenen (practice) without any timer. You can also play online against random other players. That is most definitely not my thing! Not even with an English app. If you upgrade to the Pro version it looks like you can also play with a timer at easy, medium or hard levels. I’m perfectly happy with the practice level, of course. It takes long enough as is…

Get it Spelled NL app screen

For those of you who already live in the Netherlands it is pretty similar to a basic version of Lingo. You need to guess what the 6 letter word is, and are always given the first letter (annoyingly, you always need to start your guesses with that letter). Green means that you have found the correct letter for that space. Red means that you have found a correct letter but it should go somewhere else. (Be warned – if you have two identical red letters, it sometimes means the letter appears in one other space in the word and sometimes it means the letter appears in two other spaces.)

All in all it seems like a pretty decent game. It is harder than it looks, especially for buitenlanders (non Dutchies), but without a timer it allows you to play at a more leisurely pace and thus look up any answers that you didn’t know existed before!

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3 thoughts on “Apps (Or: Get it spelled NL)

  1. looks like a cool game. Too bad only on ios… boo!!

  2. I’ll check tomorro if it’s on ios7! Thanks for the heads up! 😀

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