Another reason to learn Dutch (Or: Fraud detection)

Marco came across a funny news story about a women in Florida who had apparently slipped on the wet floor of Target (a retail store like Hema but on a larger scale) last year. She complained of neck, legs, back and shin pain. Sounds awful.

Except that is not what happened.

After she got the attention of some of the Target workers, she called her mother and told her in Dutch that she had simply sat on the ground and was looking for insurance money. There is no problem calling her from the store, right? I mean, there are only about 17 or 18 million people in the world who speak Dutch…

Turns out one of the workers spoke Dutch. Ouch!

Upon reviewing the security footage, Target was able to clearly see that she simply sat down on the ground and she was charged with insurance fraud.

News story: English version || Nederlandse versie

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One thought on “Another reason to learn Dutch (Or: Fraud detection)

  1. Wow, what are the odds! Awesome story.

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