Photos from a work Christmas party (Or: Oh – THOSE are crackers?)

A few weeks back Marco and I attended a Christmas party for my work.


A look at the table we were sitting at


The red and white tubes are actually Christmas “crackers”, although all of these are broken open already. It’s basically a tube which two people pull apart to make a noise like a firecracker (“cracker”), apparently with a witty saying inside. Mine was something like “The things you dream about can’t keep you awake at night” or similar.

Ever since I moved to the Netherlands I thought these items were actually crackers – that is, food. Imagine my surprise when a coworker said we should take turns pulling them apart. Haha!

The rest of the photos are all from dessert. What can I say – I know what it is important!


A look at the dessert offerings (that was much more than this)


While I took this photo for the colors, It ended up being my favorite dessert – a simple ice cream cake with vanilla, strawberry and chocolate.

The dessert bar wasn’t without a bit of theatre. Fireworks…fireworks-and-fog-machine-at-the-dessert-bar-2

and a fog machine!



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