A look at how my mind works (Or: Spoiler–it gets confusing)

So last week you had this article at omroepwest.nl:

The first time I saw this article I translated it as ‘Two men attack each other with knife and cow foot after fight’.

Cow foot? Okay, that’s strange, but that’s what it says: koevoet. Koe for cow, voet for foot. Maybe it was a frozen cow foot from the butcher?

Repeat a few days later when I see the article again: oh, that fight with a knife and a cow foot, okay. I figure it’s really not that, but it’s too fun picturing a man wielding a cow foot so I decide not to consult the translating friend of Google.

Repeat last night, when I see the article again. But this time Marco is around to ask. I let him know I have a “Dutch” question, as I like to put it. I repeat the article title and then translate it to English.

I’m barely finished when he tells me that a koevoet is a crowbar.

Awww. That’s logical…

But a part of me is disappointed none the less. Can’t you picture a man running down the street, screaming and wildly brandishing a frozen cow foot?

I can.

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