Herengracht in The Hague (Or: Mostly empty on Sunday mornings)

Here is a photo of the street Herengracht in The Hague, not far from Centraal Station.

If you keep walking, you’ll come to the Korte Poten street, with the American Book Centre (or the “ABC store”, as some call it). They are open for limited browsing and order collection only. In the same area on your left is the Tweede Kamer (House of Representatives in English, literally “the second room”). And just a bit farther is the Centrum tram/bus stop which is of course a ghost town these days.

A few news stories about animals today:

Japanese aquarium urges public to video-chat eels who are forgetting humans exist (

After four months of waiting, a baby panda is born at Dutch zoo (… this was after 16 years of campaigning to bring pandas to The Netherlands for breeding purposes. Talk about the long game!

The urban wild: animals take to the streets amid lockdown – in pictures (

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