Words of wisdom (Or: Quotes in unexpected places)

A few days back I snapped a photo. It shows a quote on the side of the tram viaduct leading into Centraal Station:

Een leven zonder boeken is onleefbaar – Erasmus / A life without books is unlivable – Erasmus

So true, so true. The National Library is around the corner, hence the quote.

Today marks the 8th week of working from home. Dare I say that it is becoming a bit… normal? It will be a bit difficult returning to work, both in terms of figuring out the social distancing rules at work (I suspect a lot more people will be taking the stairs) and in figuring out the public transportation situation (I suspect I’ll be walking more).

But my main concern is getting outside enough – it’s obviously getting a bit busier in the streets so it requires a bit more creative timing. Early in the morning or later in the evening. I’m exaggerating a bit, but not completely. On the other hand, it does mean I get to learn even more about The Hague. Time to get an encyclopedic knowledge of little known streets that still provide enough distance to pass each other when someone does walk your way.

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