At least we still have coffee (Or: Sign in The Hague)

Check out this sign (just outside De Passage shopping area):

You do have to admire the drawing skills. Better than I can do, that’s for sure. And of course I am writing this while drinking coffee. ☕️

So, minor updates:

  • Weekly numbers for week 43 (21 – 27 October) are available at in English
  • we are in the middle of our ‘partial lockdown’ (which is now planned to last until at least the beginning of December, article in English from
  • we have seen a few days where the number of cases have only increased slightly, but I don’t trust it yet. We won’t see the effect of the partial lockdown until the end of this week at the earliest
  • For the most part things still look fairly negative, with one bright spot being that the R number is now around 1.16 occurring to the most recent reliable data).

And, expected news: my coworkers and I received an email today saying that working from home has been extended until April 2021. Previously it was January 2021.

On the one hand, that’s crazy. On the other hand, after seeing how the last few months have gone, I don’t think any of us expected to be back in the office in January.

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