Additional options (Or: Subway extension from Schiphol airport to Amsterdam)

Some good news for future travelers to Amsterdam from the Schiphol airport:

The funds comes from the National Growth Fund, a €20 billion fund for “boosting economic growth and maintaining prosperity” ( from late last year). Public transportation, including transportation from the airport to the destination, have always been important factors for Marco and I when choosing what cities we wanted to visit. It is of course possible to also take the train to Amsterdam, but it is always good to have multiple choices when traveling anywhere.

And in other news: Oldest part of the Netherlands is 420 million years old and found in Zeeland from The previous rock found in the Netherlands was in South Limburg, in the southeast, and it was dated at 330 million years. Zeeland is found in the southwest of the country.

Family is not tourism: campaigners ask Dutch government to allow non-EU family visits from At the moment the Netherlands does allow “sweetheart visas” for a romantic partner to enter the Netherlands, but there is no such visa for family members like parents, grandparents or children.

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