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Unexpectedly expected (Or: The passing of Chuck Deely)

I found out tonight that Chuck Deely passed away Monday night. And who is he? A street musician that played outside of Central Station as well as in the Grote Markt (by C&A or sometimes by Bijenkorf). He’s actually an American, born in 1954 in Detroit. The story goes that he moved here for love many years back, but it didn’t work out. He stayed, playing music on the streets to pay the rent.


photo from

I didn’t know him personally, having only donated a few euros to him occasionally. The last time I donated was last month, and I overheard him telling someone else that he was not feeling well. Apparently he was hospitalized shortly after that, and then again in January.

It was always fun to hear the songs he was playing and Marco would sometimes stop to listen to his guitar solos. Music isn’t my strong suit so half the time I would end up asking Marco what Chuck was playing now. My favorite song he’d play was Hotel California by The Eagles.

Welcome to the Hotel California
Such a lovely place
Such a lovely face
Plenty of room at the Hotel California
Any time of year
You can find it here


Flowers outside of the Hema/Albert Heijn, one of the spots he would play at


Newspaper article taped to the wall, above the flowers

There is currently an unofficial Facebook action to build a monument in his honor somewhere in the Grote Markt, but only time will tell if that happens (or what exactly the monument would look like).

It is weird – I’ve only been here four years but I can’t imagine not seeing him or hearing his music anymore. Thanks for the tunes, Chuck!

Edited Sunday 29 January to add pictures of the memorial at Central Station:

These pictures were taken last Sunday, January 22:


And a close-up of the mini guitar (on the right side of the above picture):


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Lights illuminating the church (Or: Nieuwe Kerk in The Hague)

Marco and I were walking past the Nieuwe Kerk (translation = New Church) when we noticed the lights illuminating it – blue, white and red:


I am not sure what the exact reason was even after looking through Google, but we decided to take a picture anyway. Especially with the Christmas lights around the plants! I can’t believe it is almost Christmas…

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Remnants of theater (Or: Dr. Anton Philipszaal)

Back in December I showed a picture of the tearing down of the Dr. Anton Philipszaal in The Hague. Remarkably, there’s still a small piece of the building left:


Marco and I were on the way to Lebkov by Centraal Station for some coffee. We ended up with iced cappuccinos – yum! Since it’s a nice summer day (but not THAT nice of a summer, the Dutch meteologists say…)


And a look at their logo:


Oh, and one final fun fact – as usual, Sinterklaas candy is already popping up in stores. It’s only August people! 🙂

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Dr. Anton Philipszaal (Or: The building is almost gone)

As I mentioned earlier in the week, Dr. Anton Philipszaal is almost completely erased. A few days ago they were knocking down the iconic red roof. And now…

Dr Anton Philipszaal - almost torn down 2015

It is crazy how fast it goes. Only the black windows on the left side of the building are left.

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Dr Anton Philipszaal (Or: Tearing it down)

This afternoon I was out and about in the Centrum I noticed that the tearing down of Dr. Anton Philipszaal (a concert hall and theatre) was beginning in earnest. They have begun to tear down the red part of the roof:

Dr Anton Philipszaal being torn down 2015

The hall was first built in 1987 and is slated to be replaced in 2019 with a new culture center. Until then the theatre has moved to a temporary location on the Scheveningen beach, Zuidstrandtheatre.

And of course you have the tram work in the foreground. That project started in April of last year and will hopefully be done this summer. Once done the newer trams should be able to ride over the rails.

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Time to party! (Or: A tram ride through The Hague)

Get ready for the party tram…!

Party tram in The Hague

Unfortunately the party tram isn’t able to prevent me from taking blurry pictures, but it was moving at the time so there is that.

This was taken around the Centrum tram stop (Centrum=city center). You can rent the trams out for a group and enjoy a festive ride through the city. You also have a similar type of tram where you can ride around while you enjoy a meal. It’s seems interesting, but I haven’t riden on one yet.

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Coffee at busy intersections (Or: Tram 17 by Gravenstraat)

Today Marco and I visited Hometown coffee, a cafe near the Buitenhof. Here in The Hague we have “koopavond” (shopping night) on Thursday nights. That means that most stores stay open until 8 or 9pm instead of closing at 5 or 6pm. I must admit that does make me miss the US… even the main library branch closes at 8pm! Sheesh.

Anyway, this time I had a blended ice coffee, mocha flavor, and we split a small piece of carrot cake. And then I noticed something for the millionth time — the insane thing about this area is that tram 17 rides through the area. This first photo (below) looks deceivingly quiet but it shows the worst place for the tram. It has to bank left at the corner but there is a not a lot of room for pedestrians there due to the stacked up bikes right up to the edge of the tram line (not pictured in the photo). So a lot of people walk along the tram lines and thus the tram crawls along at a very… slow… rate… 🙂

Tram 17 by Gravenstraat

photo taken from Google Images – it is not mine

And here’s a bonus of tram 17 just before that area, by the Sting, a clothing store:

Tram 17 by The Sting

another random photo from Google Images

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A busy weekend (Or: Events in The Hague)

This has been a very busy weekend in The Hague. Let’s see…

Friday: Shopping night in The Hague. I didn’t take any pictures myself, but the official website posted pictures up on Facebook. The theme for the night was Sand in the City. Although a lot of people (like Marco and I) just walk around, many of the shops are open to midnight. Generally shops in The Hague close around 6pm (maybe 7pm) except on Thursdays where most are open until 9pm.

Saturday: Night at the Park – traditionally the night before Parkpop in the Zuiderpark, this paid entry concert included Duran Duran, UB40, K’s choice and more.

Sunday: Parkpop – a free concert held every year (also Zuiderpark). Some of the names include Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, Frans Bauer and more.

Also on Friday the FIVB Beach Volleyball World Championships began. Games are being held in The Hague as well as in Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Appeldoorn. The Hague will be hosting the finals as well.

Marco and I took a walk this afternoon getting some pictures of the volleyball areas:

Beach Valleyball court map 2015 The Hague

Map of various tournament sites around the center of The Hague

Warm up courts Beach Valleyball 2015 The Hague

Warm up courts at the Spui

Valleyball courts Beach Valleyball 2015 The Hague

One of the courts was actually built in the water of the Hofvijfer by the Buitenhof. Cool!

Beach Valleyball courts at the Hofvijfer 2015 The Hague

A look at the courts on in the Hofvijfer, from the other side.

Quite a busy weekend! And it looks like the temperatures will be rising next week (25C/77F or hotter, 31C/87F on Wednesday). Yay!

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A bit closer to home (Or: Nieuwe Kerk in The Hague, City hall in Gouda)

I still have some more Dublin photos to post but I wanted to take a quick break and post some pictures from places a bit closer to home. I’ve wanted to post these for a while but never got around to it for whatever reason. First is the city hall of Gouda which Marco and I visited back in May (although most of the day was spent in Utrecht):

City hall Gouda in the Netherlands

The second photo was taken by Marco a few months ago as he passed though the Centrum (downtown area) of The Hague. The lights through the church windows at the Nieuwe Kerk (“New church”) caught his eye.

Nieuwe Kerk at night in the Hague

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Getting there (Or: Construction in The Hague centrum)

The construction smack in the middle of The Hague’s centrum area is progressing nicely – except that it’s annoying as heck when you have to get from point A to point B. But its perhaps a bit better now.

Den Haag centrum construction

Marks & Spencer is the white building in the background, for random reference.

They have finished one half of the road (Bijenkorf,  Albert Heijn and Hema are on the left). As you can see the right side of the road is now blocked off.

Progress is not without causalities, of course. They are almost ready to start work on the next part of this street, Grote Markt, so the flower kiosk had to be permanently removed. As the story goes, it doesn’t fit with the “image” that the city wants to give after the construction is done. If you read Dutch you can check out this article (though there’s a few images to give you the general idea even if you do not speak Dutch). Bijenkorf is in the back of the first linked picture, to give you an idea of where the construction is heading.

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