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Modern stone (Or: Primark building in The Hague)

One of my favorite additions to The Hague in the last five years is the building that houses Primark. Primark is a budget department store which attracts customers in droves (I used to see tourists walk past holding 4 or 5 bags each). I took another photo of the building recently:

I love the color of the stone and the angles of the apartments above. And of course the blue skies definitely help.

In other news:

  • There’s a chance of a heat wave next week, with temperatures expected to be around 30C or 86F on Wednesday and Thursday. I know some of my American readers would go “Pffft! That’s nothing!” but keep in mind air conditioning is pretty rare in the Netherlands. And a lot of people are now working from home, so no office climate control for us! Time to break out the big fan.
  • The Hague forbids weekend protest festival against Covid restrictions from This was another group who wanted to protest at Malieveld. Originally there were supposed to be 100 attendees but then the organization decided to turn it into a ‘festival’ of sorts, altering speakers and DJs, so the expected attendance rose to 10,000. Considering festivals are banned at the moment, it’s no wonder that this demonstration was also banned. The decision was made by the mayor of The Hague this morning and the group then turned to the courts to get the ban overturned. The courts ruled earlier this evening that the ban could stay in place.
  • MOJO en Vodafone lanceren streamingplatform from MOJO (a ticket seller) and Vodafone (an internet and phone company) are together launching a streaming platform so that those with a virtual ticket can watch certain performances live from the Ziggo dome in Amsterdam. Fans can watch from their mobile devices or broadcast to the tv. They can also choose what camera angle they want. The most interesting point: at the moment the two companies say the streaming opportunities will continue even after things get back to normal. That could be interesting.
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An empty Malieveld (Or: Preparations for an anti-lockdown protest)

Earlier today I took a walk around the Malieveld, which you’ll know happens a few times a week. But this time there was an unexpected amount of police: a handful of police outside the area, another handful at the entrance, another 4 or 5 on bicycles, and another 5 or 6 in the far corner watching a stage being set up.

There wasn’t too much to see yet, but something was definitely about to happen. It turns out it was preparations for an anti-lockdown demonstration which would happen in the afternoon:

Of course, there’s not a lockdown as such, or at least not a lockdown like what other European countries have had. However they are also protesting against the 1.5 meters requirement that everyone has to follow.

The minister of Health is looking to create a new set of corona laws to replace the emergency ordinances each city has set up to deal with the corona crisis. The benefit of that is that the law would be the same throughout the country, versus differing based on what city you were in. But putting something in the law books does feel more tangible, more permanent. So it is easy to understand the angst that some citizens have over a crisis that might not go away next year, or even the year after, and the thought that this crisis has only taken away personal freedoms. (See also Nieuwe coronawet moet einde maken aan verwarring over maatregelen at

There’s even the question of personal data being illegally used – right now in the Netherlands you need to make a reservation to eat inside a restaurant, and undergo a health check when you enter. What if that information later falls into the wrong hands? Speaking of which: Lek in RIVM-coronasite: gegevens van gebruikers makkelijk in te zien at – there is apparently a significant data leak at a website run by the Dutch ministry of Health. The website allows Dutch residents to report if they have had corona-like symptoms in the last week. Opps.

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An empty Malieveld (Or: Coronavirus trumps good weather)

Ahh, weekend! It’s an early one, but we’re getting four days off. My work gives both Good Friday and Easter Monday as paid holidays, and Marco took tomorrow off and gets Easter Monday as a paid holiday. This has been a long work week. It’s not the work itself, just the constant working from home situation, I think.

This is the end of week #5 for working at home, and my expectation is that we’ll also be working from home in May as well. Or at least partially working from home so that the social distancing and 1.5 meters rule can be enforced on the work floor. For instance by saying only half the workforce can go into work each day, and alternating who goes in each day.

So hopefully that explains the long walk Marco and I took in the afternoon yesterday – sometimes you just need to get out and stretch. Here is a look at Malieveld – unbelievably empty on a day when temperatures reached 71F / 22C. It was the first time I took off my jacket in many months, I must admit. And the first time in a while that I wondered if I should have put sunblock on…

There were a few people in the grass in the distance, but not many. You can also see that the grass still hasn’t completely recovered from the farmer protests back in October of last year. Check out this aerial photo: Reddit link.

Looking forward to sleeping in a bit tomorrow. And maybe stretching my legs and going for a socially distant walk at some point.

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A hotel for bees and insects (Or: Provinciehuis in The Hague)

It’s a bit too small for you and me, but I found the perfect hotel for bees and insects here in The Hague:

Marco and I took a walk in the afternoon to get some fresh air. We walked along the Malieveld, a large grass field not far from The Hague Centraal train station. It’s perfect for hosting concerts, carnivals and other events. Oh and farmer protests, too.

The bee and insect hotel was on the property of the Provincial house of South Holland (The Netherlands is split up into provinces, and this is the main contact address for the province).

Good news of the day: for the first time since the corona crisis began, more patients have left the ICU than entered it. In total there are 16 fewer occupied beds (1424 beds yesterday versus 1408 today), including the ICU beds in Germany housing Dutch patients (52).

Read more at: Druk op IC-bedden neemt voor het eerst in coronacrisis af (

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Veteranendag (Or: Veteran’s day in the Netherlands)

Today was the 14th Veteran’s day in the Netherlands, held in The Hague. (official website in Dutch). It is comprised of a parade and events at the Malieveld, a large field just outside of The Hague’s Central Station. During the parade there was also a flyover performed by the Royal Dutch Air Force, featuring both modern and historic aircraft.

Veterans Day 2018 in The Hague - soldiers

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Feest aan zee (Or: Party in Scheveningen)

I am still impressed by the fact that I can spell Scheveningen without looking it up. Pronouncing it on the other hand…

This year is Feest aan zee (Seaside Celebrations in English). It was 200 years ago that the first bathhouse was constructed in what is now known as Scheveningen. Yesterday was the finish of the Volvo Ocean race which lasted 45,000 miles. It started in October of last year. Crazy!

Here’s a look at an advertisement for Feest aan zee near Malieveld (Marco and I were on our way to the Rrrollend food truck festival last weekend).

Coast sign by Malieveld, Den Haag, Feest aan zee.jpg

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Good eats (Or: Rrrollend Foodtruck festival returns)

Rrrollend Foodtruck festival returned to the Malieveld this weekend.

Foodtruck Festival Rrrollend, Malieveld in The Hague

Last year I went with Roll or bowl, whereas this year I went Indian, having chicken curry with rice at Indian Roast.

Chicken curry with rice, Indian Roast

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Summer eating (Or: Rrrollend Food truck festival by Malieveld, The Hague)

Yesterday Marco, Roger and I saw Suicide Squad at the local IMAX movie theatre (Pathé Spuimarkt). Afterwards we visited the Rrrollend Food truck festival by Malieveld, close to Centraal Station.

And what delicious food! Here’s a look at some of the photos I took. First, a look at my Asian Chicken bowl from Roll or Bowl:

Asian chicken by Roll or Bowl (Den Haag food truck festival) Continue reading

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Adventures in Malieveld (Or: The Hague skyline)

Last week Marco and I visited Malieveld, a large grass field near Central Station which hosts everything from festivals to carnivals and even (pre-approved) protests and demonstrations. The weather was great for an after-dinner stroll.

Take a look at The Hague’s skyline from this area:

Den Haag skyline from Maliveld

There’s even an animal farm, complete with (slightly skittish) deer.

Deer at Maliveld Den Haag 2

I am looking forward to the next day of bright sunshine and warm temperatures. The city definitely comes alive!

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