Summertime (Or: A lot less snow to be seen)

With a predicted snowstorm of about 4-5″ of sneeuw (snow) descending on my New York town in a few hours, here are some warmer pictures from the previous summer. — Who am I kidding, it is not a proper snowstorm unless you receive at least a foot of snow. It’s just a minor dusting…

Sign at Scheveningen's beach front

First, a reminder that summertime is never far away, even in January. One interesting thing about the Netherlands is how moderate the weather is. Last trip, I left New York in a veritable heat wave (98F, or about 37c) and arrived in the Netherlands to find temperatures in the mid 60s, or 18C.

Watching the ducks at a lake in Delft

I do like taking pictures of flowers, and the ducks in the lake were an added bonus. The left one was just about to fly further down the lake. This was taken in Delft, while waiting for a bridge to swing open to allow a boat to get past.

Glass blue heart, Delft

This plexiglass/steel sculpture is near Nieuw Kerk (New Church) and is see through. It was made by Marcel Smink in 1998 and is illuminated from within.

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