Raamstraat (Or: A more urban type of art)

Het is vrijdag! (It’s Friday!)

Go on, click the link. You know you want to.

Possible weekend Dutch plans:

1) dutchgrammar.com -> Prefixes and suffixes

2) Rosetta Stone. That thing is so finicky with pronunciation I had to set it to the easiest level and tell it I was male! Of course, my pronunciation needs work, too.

3) Watch some more Dip en Dap videos from Uitzending Gemist (lit: missed broadcasts, I think), a television programming website. This children’s show would be a lot less annoying to watch if they wouldn’t laugh/snicker so much.

Non-Dutch weekend plans:

Prepare chili in a slow cooker – about 10 hours, hopefully – for Sunday’s dinner, and enjoy it in front of the Superbowl. The start time seems later and later each year. 6:29PM EST.

For fun, let’s take a look at Raamstraat (lit: window street) in the Hague. It’ll be a graffiti post similar to this one.

Just in case you're feeling lost, it tells you where you're at. Sort of.

Nothing will stand in the way of the graffiti. Not even doors.

I’ll admit to cropping the above picture a bit to not show the trash can on the right!

An old style tram

Marco says this type of tram was discontinued about 30 years ago. The side of the bus, Het verflab, reads “The paint bus”. And of course you need the obligatory bike in the picture. Unfortunately I had to crop out the bike on the left in the first picture of this post. They really are everywhere.

Close up of the graffiti

Not sure who I am rooting for during the Superbowl this weekend (maybe the Puppy Bowl?). It’s hard to believe that I moved to the East coast in the winter of 2008, the year the NY Giants won. Of course, the only NFL game I went to was a Jets game, so they always have a special place in my heart. Trouncing the Bengals 37-0 probably helped, as well as getting to hang out with my Dutch friends who were in town!

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