Rijswijk (Or: Where I act like a confused American)

First, I want to mention how amusing it is to be subscribed to a dozen or so Dutch blogs and see how most of them talk about the weather. Snow, cold, and the prospect of elfstedentocht (elf-steden-tocht, 11 city tour). It’s a rare event where the canal ice freezes up enough for ice skating through 11 cities to take place. It hasn’t happened since 1997.

Over here, I am just glad we’ve only had two snowstorms: the Halloween one which knocked out my power for 5 days — just a few inches of snow — and one a few weeks ago, about 5 inches.

Today’s topic is de bogaard in Rijswijk, a shopping area near the Hague which you can get to by bus. I visited it twice. The first time I had someone with me, the second time I traveled there alone.

The nice thing is the bus you take to de bogaard is accessible right outside of Marco’s apartment — a very short walk. The first day I went with Marco’s mother so I knew where to go.

de bogaard in Rijswijk, shopping area

We visited a lot of different stores, including a shoe store, a clothing store, MediaMarkt, and more. Some of the stores were inside the mall area pictured above, and some were nearby in a strip-mall type area. We had lunch at Hema, and after some deliberation I decided to have a hamburger. It was very interesting… the mayo-like substance (which was slightly yellow-orangeish in color) was slathered all over the sandwich. I ended up eating most of it with a fork and knife.

The second time I visited I was all alone. Let’s just say I almost missed the stop, saved only by the bus idling at the area for a while. I am sure the bus driver thought I was slightly nuts, trying to ask if this was de bogaard or not (I don’t think he spoke any English). And then to top it all off, I realized while I was waiting to cross the street that I forgot to “tap” the pass on the machine to let it know that I was getting off at that spot. If you don’t, it charges you the maximum. Thankfully again the bus driver was still there so I ran back. I think in the end that I amused him… I hope.

Crazy Americans.

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3 thoughts on “Rijswijk (Or: Where I act like a confused American)

  1. Jim

    I don’t understand what you mean by “tap” the pass and charges you the maximum, cna you explain further?

  2. When you get on the bus or tram you need to wave your card in front of the machine. It beeps, but does not charge you yet I believe (but it will eventually automatically if no other action is taken).

    When you get off, you need to remember to wave it in front of the machine again to tell it you are getting off, and then it charges you the appropriate fare. If you don’t, it just assumes you went all the way to the end of the line, so it charges you the maximum.

    Here’s more information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OV_Chip_Card

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