WordPress stats (Or: All things are relative)

One of the things that WordPress has added is a breakdown of your views based on the visitor’s country. This is only on the new stats page, not the Dashboard page – which makes sense since the Dashboard page is going to go the way of the dodo bird very soon.

Needless to say, I was pretty excited by this change. It’s good to see that my blog is being visited first and foremost by Dutchies – it warms my heart to see this even though I am not even yet a fledgling expat. In the fall I told Marco that since I was moving there that I would start a blog. I joked that he should get me a domain name redirect for Christmas so that the site wasn’t just lifeinthehague.wordpress.com. At the time it was just to hold the name and I would start the blog later. Except that’s not quite what happened…

In the chaos of unexpectedly getting an engagement ring on Christmas morning instead (yay!) we forgot to setup the domain until January 6. I posted the first post the next day. Aptly that post had a picture of a street sign in it, representing (to me) moving and decisions and multiple paths towards a new life.

…Okay, okay, I also picked it because it had “bibliotheek” or library on the sign. You got me!

Here today, gone tomorrow. Where did the Netherlands go?

This is what the stats page looks like. As you can see, 28 visitors were from the Netherlands yesterday, and three from the United States. You can clearly see that the United States was colored in to show its three visits, while the Netherlands… is not colored in at all, even though it has 28 visitors. Why is this you ask?

… Because the Netherlands is so small, you can’t even see it on this map. The country has just under 17 million people. Mind you, I still get people who think Marco is from Denmark. I get people who think I am moving to Norway. It’s understandable, though.

A larger map on the summaries page does show the Netherlands

However, if you click the Summaries link on the first image you will see a larger map which does (barely) manage to get the Netherlands on to it. So I guess it does exist after all. You just have to know what you are looking for — and squint a bit.

But still, stats by country has been a wonderful addition. I’ll admit it’s a bit weird to start a blog 12 months before I move, but I am sure things will heat up quickly!

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4 thoughts on “WordPress stats (Or: All things are relative)

  1. I’m enjoying the new addition to the stats page, but yeah, considering how many people there are in the NL and how connected they are, it’s funny that the country barely shows up on maps like this. We have the internet and we’re not afraid to use it! 🙂

    • I found out after that if you click on the country’s name, it will zoom in and show it nice and big… but yeah, still.

  2. Marco

    “Waar een klein landje groot in kan zijn” is a Dutch saying which sorta translates to “The things a small country can be great in”
    The fact that we’re a speck on the map is probably one of the reasons that the Dutch like to make themselves known, and take such pride in the few things we’re good at (soccer! speedskating! philips! shell! ) We’re trying to compensate! 🙂

    If I remember (tho maybe you should look that up and write a blog post with factoids about the land *wink*) our country is the size of Delaware yet with 17 million citizens it’s one of the most densely populated countries in the world.

  3. I was squinting at the new map function for a good couple of days before I became curious to know what the ‘Summaries’ button did. The Netherlands is still a bit small on the bigger map for my liking…

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