Kids books (Or: I am a librarian after all)

Today was the first day that I did not need to wear a jacket in the morning. Mind you, it was a bit cold and rainy, but it was worth it to not have to lug it home in the warm afternoon! And any day is a plus when you bring een paraplu (an umbrella) and end up not needing it.

One of the things I did on the last trip to the Netherlands was finding a nice old bookshop in the Hague. Unfortunately I did not take any pictures of it. Roger and I found it first while we were wandering around (Roger even showed me his and Marco’s old high school on that trip). I then dragged Marco back to the bookshop a few days later.

One of the books I got there was a kids book from the “De Korenwolf” series which was the name of a fictional hotel that a family lived in. Here was the book I found (with an obligatory Google translated link). I’ll admit that I am still stuck somewhere in the 3rd chapter, but at least it’s more interesting than picture books. I’ll always treasure the Dikkie Dik books you give me, however, Marco!

It is definitely a challenge – I am by no means saying that I understand most of what is going on without pulling out a dictionary every three words – but it is at least a fun challenge.

However the REAL challenge is finding the time to sit down and hammer out a few pages after getting home from work!

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2 thoughts on “Kids books (Or: I am a librarian after all)

  1. The Secret of Love Helper sounds like a sweet book. Interesting translation.

  2. Marco

    I think one of the difficulties when learning a new language at a later age, is that it’s hard to find books to really learn from. The kiddie picture books quickly become annoying because stuff like “Tom sees a puddle. Tom jumps over the puddle. Look out, Tom!” gets silly really fast.
    I think the book you talk about is for 9/10 year olds, so a bit hard maybe, but I have faith in you *wink*

    FYI (am I sharing too much here? *grin*) my mom’s english teacher told her to find English kid books. We both know her English is actually at a higher level, but her issue of course is taking the time to understand what it says without getting nervous she’s doing it wrong.

    I am looking forward to you talking Dutch to her while she talks English. Well..looking forward while being in another room. 🙂

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