Marked up (Or: A message of love)

One of the random things in Marco’s apartment is a rather large dry erase board in his kitchen on the wall (like four feet by three feet or similar). Eventually I started writing little messages on it, including “ILYM”, or I love you Marco, a day or two before I had to leave to go back to the States. I put a restaurant menu over it so he wouldn’t see it right away, and then hinted about it on MSN some days after I returned home.

Aww. A message from Marco.

During my second trip I decided to write down the day I arrived, as shown above. And then in the third trip (exactly 8 months later) I did the same.

And then last month Marco surprised me with this picture of what he had written underneath…


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4 thoughts on “Marked up (Or: A message of love)

  1. Marco

    Awwww indeed.

    I like how we’re down to just over eight months by now.
    Next week we’ll get to look at stuff together and write down some details.

  2. Cute. 🙂

  3. Margriet Brouwer

    oh, you two are so romantic, this forever in 2012 touched me heart. I heard Marco is allready in the states now, so soon you will see him again!

  4. AnonymouslyKnown

    Ah…l’amour! Said on the day of mine birth.

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