Artwork (Or: Hidden details)

One of the more… unique things I did at work yesterday was help hang up artwork in the lower level of the library, because the professor in charge asked nicely and he had a class to run off to so he didn’t have much time. This was student artwork – digital photography to be exact.

The facilities crew had installed the track that runs along the ceiling earlier in the semester. We just had to hang up the wires from that track with hooks, and screw the frame hooks onto the wire at an appropriate height to hold the pictures. (So, 1 set of hooks for the top of the wire and another adjustable set for further down the wire where the picture was to go.)

Things I learned:

1) Perhaps one should check a package right after it arrives. The package of wires and hooks has been sitting in the room’s cabinet for about two months. We opened it and realized that there was only 8 hooks (to be placed up at the top in the track itself) even though there were 10 wires. And the package did say that there should be 10 hooks.

Somehow this worked out, as we only had twenty feet of track and with eight pictures it was already pretty full.

2) Looping the wire so it hides behind the frame and is not visible to the general public is hard work. The picture itself was pretty high up– higher than my head. Between keeping your hands above your head trying to loop it and trying to tape it with your free hand so that it STAYED in a loop, it was interesting work. At least my right arm was willing to become an informal tape dispenser, so I always had tape in reach.

Somehow this also worked out, but mainly because the professor re-did my work on most of them. Oh well, that’s what you get for free labor…

Now every time I see the photographs I can’t help to think about the coil of wire hiding behind each, all globbed together with tape. Chaos behind beauty.

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