Cotton (Or: A boyfriend’s good intentions)

Before one of my trips to the Netherlands, Marco was trying to be a good boyfriend (note: he passed with flying colors and double rainbows). He knew that I use cotton balls to wash my face each morning. So he had the bright idea of getting me some cotton from Albert Heijn:

Yes… he got me a bag of watten (cotton) … but it was not in ball form at all. Nope.

As it turned out, I also brought some cotton balls on the trip, as I didn’t know that he had gotten anything for me. But, as unluckiness would have it… I had packed my cotton balls and my face cleanser in a sandwich bag. But I didn’t realize that the cleanser wasn’t fully closed, so all of the cotton balls were wet and ruined when I opened the luggage. So Marco’s odd zigzag cotton saved the day!

But let me tell you, it was a bit weird to pull apart bits of cotton to use. Usually I got a piece that was three times larger than I needed! I think that stuff was better intended for arts and crafts projects.

But thank you, Marco, for saving the day yet again!

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One thought on “Cotton (Or: A boyfriend’s good intentions)

  1. Marco

    My train of thought: “Hey they have cotton…I see this long zigzag thing, cotton swipes, cotton balls, cotton squares. Hrm. I’m sure it all does the same. zigzag is cheapest. Let’s go for that one”
    🙂 Yes I guess that means I’m a guy…

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