Dutch music (Or: Pondering the concept of time management)

It has been a productive weekend in some ways, not so productive in others. But do you ever have a day or two where you say “Okay, no matter what, I am putting my enjoyment first?” That was pretty much theme of this weekend. I think I did pretty well.

Usually there’s projects that need to get done. Sometimes this means I work on them from dinner until it’s about time to go to bed, minus a bit of time at the end where I write the nightly ritual of an email to Marco of course. Occasionally with a cup of tea and speculaas cookies. But after a week of 2-3 hours a night, I said no más! The weekend is mine.

The weekend started off with a lovely Saturday lunch with a friend, at a local barbecue restaurant. I had the french dip, which was garlic toast bread, pulled pork, mozzarella cheese, and au jus dipping sauce. And a side order of the restaurant’s homemade barbecue chips. I really didn’t get much else done for various reasons, but at least it was pretty relaxing.

Today was another round of interesting activities. I watched the England-Italy Euro 2012 quarterfinal (the announcers guessed the exact result before the match even started!) and a bit of U.S.’s track and field qualifying for the London Olympics. NBC channel has definitely been showing a lot of qualifying events lately – yesterday was diving, and they have also started to air commercials for gymnastics qualifying.

I also stumbled onto a post (via WordPress) from amy in .nl abut Dutch music. I downloaded two artists – Lange Frans and Gers Pardoel. For Lange Frans, I like een nieuwe dag (a new day) and for Gers Pardoel I like Bagagedrager (the luggage rack behind een fiets or a bike). But fair warning – that one is a definite ear worm…

But really, there’s this nagging little feeling in the back of my mind that I need to go back to learning Dutch. It used to be that I would study at least 45 minutes a night three or four times a week – finish up with whatever I was doing by 8 or 8:15, do a bit of Dutch, and then after 9 move to emailing Marco and getting ready for bed. I need to get back into that routine, definitely.

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6 thoughts on “Dutch music (Or: Pondering the concept of time management)

  1. Marco

    Shouldn’t that be “Nu niet meer!” ?
    We don’t want you talking Spanish…We need you to talk Dutch! 🙂

    While I’m not a fan of most Dutch rap, I am glad you picked this, and not the traditional Dutch music *shiver*

    • ;p I like the two songs that I linked to. Especially the bike one. Freaking ear worm…

      But so far none of the other music in the two respective albums has grabbed me. We’ll see.

  2. Amy’s blog is great. Lots of really interesting information! Two other Dutch artists you might be interested in (although they don’t necessarily perform in Dutch) are C-Mon & Kypski and Kyteman (Colin Benders). C-Mon & Kypski are doing solo projects (and Kypski is touring a lot these days with Caro Emerald), but Kyteman has just come out with a new album.

  3. All i can say is : De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig. Specially their later album(s). Its dutch, and its funny, and they are great live.

    • Marco gave me that a year or two ago. I think I need to give them another try. 😉

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