Hijacking (Or: Marco takes over)

Marco: I’m taking over the blog again. nWo style.

What? You might ask yourself.. What? I’m taking over. What? Coming to power. What? Assuming control.
If you are thinking right now “Could you please shut the heck up!” You might not be with one of my favorite forms of entertainment.

If you are thinking “Awweeeesome!!” You probably know that the above lines are filled with references to pro-wrestling.

Yes, I am one of those people that watches that stuff.

When I was a little kid, we got WWF wrestling on our tv (through the British SKY channel) and I was a big fan.
As I grew older I drifted away from it until the mid 90s when I became a fan again (along with several friends here in NL)
And at some point we even started going on trips to see WWF (WWE by now) shows live.
First in Europe, and eventually we went to Madison Square Garden for the 2000 Royal Rumble.
The following year we went to ‘Wrestlemania’ the biggest show of the year (50-60 000 people in a sold out football arena)
That was number 17, we’ve just came back from number 28. So that’s 12 years now that we’ve attended.
Insane? Yes. But it’s also lots of fun because we also get to visit cities in the USA we’d never see otherwise.

When Niki and I first started talking online way back when, I’m sure she thought I was crazy for watching that stuff.
Grown men (in spandex) hitting one another and doing gruesome violent things.
But as we slowly grew closer at some point she decided to take the plunge and watch one or two shows.
She admitted that it wasn’t all bad, but I don’t think she really understood what I liked so much.
It was hard to explain that I liked specific wrestlers because they were really good at what they do (usually I gravitate towards technical wrestlers)
And it was probably even weirder for her to hear these guys all played characters, some were good guys and some were bad guys. 
I’m sure at some point the often used term “male soap opera” was brought up to explain why bad guy A was trying to stop good guy B from winning matches.

Wrestlemania 28, 2012

Fast Forward to early 2009.
WWE was running an angle (a story) where their main villain “Edge” was the ultimate opportunist and he’d do anything to get the upper hand and keep the championship.
This included getting into a relationship with the ‘general manager’ of the show/company, a woman several years his senior.
It was at this point that Niki started getting into it. She’d tune in to see what crazy stuff would happen between them.
And she made sure to tune in when for some reason this all turned into a love triangle when a 2nd wrestler went after the lady.
Hilarity ensued, craziness happened. My girl was hooked.

Ever since she’s been watching it one way or the other.

She still mostly likes it for the story lines or for the crazy special moments.
But these days she recognizes good action in the ring, she understands the backstage politics of things, and she even knows when someone is being overpushed or not.
We’ve even been to two live shows together; and she cheered and booed like the rest of the maniacs there!
Good times! 🙂

So once again I’ve lucked out with Niki. Not only does she like the sports that I like, she also enjoys wrestling.

She really is the best in the world. Yes! Yes! Yes!

And that’s the bottom line, because Marco said so! 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Hijacking (Or: Marco takes over)

  1. Now take her to ROH and see how she likes that eh? 🙂

  2. Pro Wrestling was such a big thing in our home that my Mother would make special food to eat while we watched it on television. In her mind special meant shrimp. To this day – any special event on Television has now become shrimp night. Virginia

    • Interesting. Shrimp and wrestling! Perhaps she preferred the small guys over the guys Vince McMahon currently wants to push. ;p

  3. Jacqueline

    Oh yes Marco… I do remember those begin days of your wrestling watching days!! Even Dad liked to watch it but his football was on first so we watched it on the second tv in the house. And remember ; even at school, whilst you were in first grade and I was already in second grade you were talking about it with my friends, with the big guys 😀

  4. I never knew wrestling also had story lines etc. Maybe I should it watch it sometimes, and might even like it… If Nikki likes it, I could maybe too (yes, the fact that you like it Marco, doesn’t mean so much, I go for Nikki. hah! 😉 🙂 See you!

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