Black cats (Or: Being followed)

Somehow it is already 10PM. Where does the time go? So in the interests of getting to bed at a sane hour, I am just going to post a few pictures.

Both images are of a small black cat which followed Marco for a while on his way to work. Always staying far enough away, but obviously curious. Running ahead, and then ducking underneath cars – just to get a safe look at Marco.

Definitely someone’s pet, since it has tags. Very cute looking.

It followed him for a while, darting in and out of bushes. But not all of the way – doubt Marco’s workplace allows pets!

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9 thoughts on “Black cats (Or: Being followed)

  1. That is one tiny cute adorable kitten. Of course the cat has excellent taste – he knew who to follow. Virginia

  2. So cute! We have a neighborhood cat who follows us home in the same way to make sure we get there safely. His name, of course, is Sheriff.

  3. Jacqueline

    Black cats.. hmm…. hope it wasnot a jinxed one 😛

  4. I am sure this cute little black cat was instructed to follow Marco by the cat mafia hiding in the Pearl River alley near the river. Them be bad news!!

  5. elsü

    that means very good luck:))) ans sweety kitty

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