Changes (Or: The dreaded “female touch”)

From Marco…

Niki’s arrival is coming closer and closer. And with that, the changes to my apartment.

My bedroom will be redone (it currently has a one person bed and obviously I’ll need a bit more closet space). But the biggest changes will be in my living room. I will be getting a new pair of couches (the current ones are at the end of their life cycle) which I am totally cool with.
But beyond that..we’re going to have to try my single guy’s room into a couple’s room. As you can see in evidence A below – the picture of my DVD cabinets I have a large collection of movies.And while Niki’s fine with that and is looking forward to watching (some of) them with me, is she okay with adding another one of the huge cabinets, letting it dominate one side of the room? Well, it already dominates one side..but maybe they’ll conquer another wall as well..

Then there’s evidence B. My tv set-up. There’s an xbox, dvd player, blu-ray player and even an old vcr which isn’t even hooked up anymore. (And actually another dvd player that isn’t working/not hooked up)
Not pictured is the stereo that connects my 5.1 sound system.

So yeah..we’ll need to tidy that up, get rid of the junk, and make her understand that yes, I do really need 5 remote controls. (For the record, that is indeed ESPN America on TV, showing the Yankees killing the Red Sox) (Note from Niki… 14-2! Yeesh!)

Then, lastly..the other side of my room with my comic book collection. Most of them in boards&bags. But not properly sorted.

Niki has already said she wants to sort them out, put them in order, etcetera. That makes her librarian heart flutter.
But then..where am I going to keep them?
Does she really appreciate a cabinet full of comic books in the main room of our place?
I’m not ready to get rid of them yet (even though it’s just regular comics, nothing special or rare about them) but to be honest, I’m not sure where I’ll put them. Of course there’s the good news too, as I’ll be switching to (mostly) digital comics starting this month. So that way the collection won’t grow exponentially for much longer.

But no worries. I am looking forward to the changes. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Changes (Or: The dreaded “female touch”)

  1. “That makes her librarian heart flutter.” —- BEST QUOTE EVER!!! Hahaha….not only can I relate, but that is so Niki. Ask her how many times we almost got kicked out of the library…..

    • Teehee. And then I had to work at the SAME library and try not to kick out kids for doing the exact same thing we were doing back then. 😉

  2. jamontheweb

    OMG, I hope she’s like me and can learn to turn a blind eye to someone else’s mess – providing it is not in her face all the time!

    • It’s not too bad in his place. We just have to find more storage options. 😉 He really hates it when I clean up WHILE he is cooking though, but even I think I am kind of silly in that regard.

  3. You’ve taken on a great challenge – turning a one person apartment to space for two! Virginia

    • Niki

      It’s all about efficient storage space. At least that’s the plan…. we will see how it works out in reality!

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