Connecting (Or: Secaucus Junction train station)

Frank R. Lautenberg Station, Secaucus Junction

I have been using the Secaucus Junction train station for over 3 1/2 years now. Since before I had the job I have now – back when I lived in New Brunswick, New Jersey. It’s a connecting hub for trains going north to New York City and south to Trenton, NJ. Here is a link to the official map. Pretty much almost every line goes through Secaucus.

The first few times I was there, I was alone. I had a few job interviews at the East Orange Public Library, on the Gladstone line. Once you’re used to Secaucus, it’s not that bad – just follow the crowd to the main area. There’s a plaza there, with huge signs above each of the four possible exits saying which line is where. Of course, there was some odd things you wouldn’t expect – for example, since East Orange has a chance for more crime, there is no ticket vending machine at that stop. The first time I had no idea what to do (not knowing you could get round trip tickets). I thought I would have to pay the $5 fee for not having a ticket before I boarded, but you don’t if you come from a station like that. …Thankfully I had cash? But I don’t usually carry cash!

The next time was with Marco, going to the job interview for the job I have today (July 2, 2009). My first time on a truly rural track. How rural was it? There is only one track for both directions. That makes it fun getting out of my town, since there’s a gap between the night trains – 3:50 or so, with the next (and last) train to the city not scheduled until 9:30PM. The commuters coming home from New York City take priority.

After I moved to the town I live in now, I pretty much just go to Secaucus when I am going to Chicago or the Netherlands via Newark Airport, much like Marco did yesterday. Or when I go to New York City!

The above picture is purely for Roger’s benefit. Go Chex Mix options! Thankfully Secaucus opened up another option for eating. Previously they just had Dunkin Donuts, this snack shop depicted above, and a bar-like restaurant. The first two tended to close really early, too. But these days they added a Sbarro’s (pizza). Marco and I shared three Sbarro’s breaksticks this past weekend. Mmm.

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6 thoughts on “Connecting (Or: Secaucus Junction train station)

  1. Still for such a crossroads type of station their food options are fairly disappointing. Though to be honest there could be a state of the art mall right outside the door for all i know..

    • yeah, I am clueless too. But considering they didn’t even have the pizza place it does feel like a major improvement!

  2. Marco

    There is no state of the art mall around it. Just highways (no left turns) and swamp.

    • Boo for no left turns! I remember one time we had to go 10 miles out of our way just to turn around, or something silly like that.

  3. The sports bar type of place (sports since their tv is always showing sports) always looks kinda ‘sad’ to me btw.. not sure why but i don’t think i’d ever sit there..

    • I think it’s just too far off in the distance. Most people have on reason to walk in that direction, really.

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