Makkelijk lezen (Of: Bibliotheek Den Haag)

Easier Reading (Or: The Hague Library)

So my latest adventure in the last two days was visiting the central library of the Hague. I went there yesterday with Marco’s mother as I had read that they had a Nederlands leren section on the fourth floor.  (That’s really the 5th floor for us Americans.)

When we arrived on the fourth floor we found the taal section (languages / 800’s) section fairly easily. As Marco’s mother also likes to practice her English, we went to the Engels section first. Near the beginning of the English section we found some thin books which were about various classics (Treasure Island, Dickens, etc) or about certain themes. She took a book with five Canterbury Tales and a book on short ghost/scary stories.

After that we proceeded to the Dutch section, which was easily the largest section (probably 6 or 7 times the books that English had). But I found it rather frustrating to not be able to read the titles easily, and I also found it frustrating to have all the books mixed together and have academic (read: stuffy, hard to read books) on the Dutch language next to books about grammar. So eventually I gave up for the day and told her I would return tomorrow (that is today).

I returned to same place today on my own, but did not have much luck at all. As I was leaving, I took a bit of a detour and stopped to read the directional signs that were placed near the escalators. As I turned around, I realized that I had missed the Nederlands leren section completely, and really was in the wrong place. It’s right next to the escalators, near the windows. It’s quite possible I had found the section previously with Marco but just forgot about it, as I had not visited the library in a year and a half.

The Nederlands leren section does seem more my speed – they have a lot of course books, exam books (NT2, Kennis samenleving, etc) and of course fiction books to read. The fiction books included a LOT of picture books and etc for the basic level, but also thankfully some harder books that were a bit longer.

Apparently they are marked as “makkelijk lezen” or easier reading. So the theme is a bit more adult (sometimes) than the amount of pages would suggest.

Makkelijk lezen books in the Hague library

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