Mijn toets (Or: Dutch lesson 13 of 14)

So last night was our toets (test). It went pretty well. There were definitely some things that I got wrong, but not that many I think (or hope). We received 70 minutes, though she gave us an extra 10 minutes. And let me tell you, those 70 minutes went fast…

The test was 11 pages I believe. Though of course some pages were quicker than others. It was more writing sentences than filling in the blank. I and a few others agree that sometimes it is hard to have enough imagination for these tests. For example, you are told you are asking your friend something, and are given the first few words of a possible question. You must complete the question. Sometimes you spend more time thinking about what question to ask then how to actually write the question in Dutch.

The last page was a bit of a doozy – you get a chart in Dutch which you must describe in 6 to 12 sentences. (This year the total was this, and then the following year the total decreased to this, etc.) While I had studied all of the vocabulary, I’m not sure that I used them completely correctly. But again, not so many points off there.

And of course, the other annoying factor was just how much I was using my pencil eraser, getting little bits everywhere! At least we had more room to move around, because we didn’t sit right next to each other this week.

After the test we had a break of about 15 minutes and then went back in. Some of the students left at that point, but most stayed. We talked about what we wanted to do next week, the final week of the class, in addition to going over the tests themselves. Things like games, or just conversing, or cultural things. She did say she would also bring in some stroopwafels…

We did have a little bit of grammar after the test, die and dat. In English, it is similar to using “who” in sentences where you give more information about someone or something.

die = words with “de” and all plural words

dat = singular words with “het”

De man die daar staat… (the man who stands there)

Zij is het meisje dat ik heb gevonden. (She is the girl that I have found)

Marco told me about this one some months ago. Mainly because every time I make a mistake he corrects me! (that’s a good thing)

me: Mensen dat …

Marco: die

me: Oh. Mensen die …


Oh, and of case you’re wondering, die is pronounced like the the letter “d” in the English alphabet, not like… well… die.

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