New books (Or: Contact 2 Textbook and workbook)

Yesterday I went to Paagman’s in The Hague and picked up my new textbooks. It’s a continuation of the previous ones that I had, Contact 1. While they are intended for classroom use, I’ll be using them while I do self study over the summer. It is easier now that I am used to the book format. Hopefully it all goes well.

Here are some images:

Contact 2 Tekstboek en Werkboek

the two books. The textbook is orange, and the workbook is white.

inside Contact 2 tekstboek

inside the textbook

inside Contact 2 werkboek

inside the workbook

dialogue in Contact 2 tekstboek

one really long dialogue exercise…

Now, if I had thought the exercise near the end of Contact 1 was long, this one is really long. The left page is all one dialogue. (It’s actually a listening exercise and you need to listen to the track on the CD. This is the back of the book which gives you the dialogue in written form.)

So, back to studying! Though today I will hopefully be visiting the National Library of the Netherlands.

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2 thoughts on “New books (Or: Contact 2 Textbook and workbook)

  1. Go you! I need to figure out what I’m going to do once my second course finishes in a few weeks … :/

  2. Tomorrow (Monday) I’m going to a place in The Hague to see if they have any summer courses. Though I suspect their courses won’t start until the fall, either. We’ll see!

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