Muiswerk (Or: A Dutch dictionary app)

Muiswerk is a Dutch dictionary app (Apple | Android). I remember downloading this in the beginning of the year but not finding much use for it. The reason – I wasn’t ready yet. This app is completely in Dutch with no English to be found. In the beginning I found that pretty discouraging, but now it is exactly what I need.

The app contains about 40,000 common Dutch words. Each word has a definition and at least one example sentence. Afterwards, some words include uitdrukkings, or phrases, which are used within the Dutch language. For example, you can see below “geen slapende honden wakkermaken” — don’t wake a sleeping dog — with the definition [geen aandacht vestigen op wat beter geheim kan blijven]. This saying is similar to the English saying ‘let sleeping dogs lie’.

Muiswerk Dutch dictionary app

In addition, verbs include the conjugations (ik schrijf, hij schrijft) and each page includes links to words used on that page (meer informatie bij…). For example, if you did not know what aandacht was you could click the link and be taken to the aandancht page.

Muiswerk Dutch dictionary app 2

If you are somewhat comfortable with reading Dutch you should definitely give this app a try!


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2 thoughts on “Muiswerk (Or: A Dutch dictionary app)

  1. Johan Steenbakkers

    Weer een erg leuke en nuttige aflevering van je blog, Niki. Kan het niet laten om een paar kleine opmerkingen te maken (ben lang geleden nou eenmaal onderwijzer geweest…) het meervoud van ‘uitdrukking’ is ‘uitdrukkingen’ [zie ook: en ‘wakkermaken’ zijn twee losse woorden.

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