Disneyland Paris (Or: Honeymoons)

Marco and I are currently visiting Disneyland Paris for our honeymoon. We are lucky to have good weather, although it is definitely a bit chilly!


Pretty huh?

We took it mostly easy today, arriving around 1pm at the park. The first thing we ended up seeing was the Christmas parade (yes, Christmas season started Sunday at Disney). Of course there was some technical difficulty with one of the floats (we guess) but as they say the show must go on. The performers kept doing their act for over 10 minutes while waiting for the signal to start again.

Marco and I had a lot of fun but we are both sore from all of the walking. The oddest thing is that everyone starts leaving the park around 6pm even though it closes at 9pm. As we were walking back to the park from the hotel, it was a bit strange, like trying to get through one of the zombie hordes on Walking Dead unscathed.

Since most people leave, most of the bigger restaurants close around 6pm too so we had to improvise on where to get food (see next paragraph). It’s somewhat dangerous to walk around later at night in the late fall season because their lightning isn’t that great in some areas of the park.

But of course we had a lot of fun. One recommendation: try Earl of Sandwich if you have it at your Disney park. It was tasty! I had the Earl’s Club sandwich. We are going to go back later in the week to try out one of their wraps. It helps that it’s only a short walk from our hotel…

Until next post!

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