B2 (Or: Another Dutch course begins)

I received the letter I was waiting for on Friday afternoon.

letter from ROC Mondriaan

The purpose of the letter was to let me know that my next course – B2 – would be starting next week. This is the final class that I need before taking the NT2 exam. The class itself lasts 20 weeks and should be done sometime in June (after factoring in the Easter holiday and similar).

I’m looking forward to this course. While I had fun over the holidays it felt pretty weird not to have anything to study. While I do know what the textbook will be (but not the particular edition the class will be using) I’ve tried to stay away from peeking at the book too much over the holidays. That only leads to boredom during classes…

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7 thoughts on “B2 (Or: Another Dutch course begins)

  1. Henny

    Succes Niki met je nieuwe courses.

  2. Diana

    Hello! I read your blog for some time, really nice job! Its important to share experience with others. May I ask you how much in total the courses till level B2 cost? I have to prepare for NT2-II and have doubts which school to choose. Would you recommend me Modriaan?

    • I took A2 by Volksuniversiteit. It was definitely faster paced – they used a harder textbook + workbook – but also €330 for 14 weeks (3 hours per week) plus the textbook(s), which seems to be the going rate. Provided you live in The Hague, Mondriaan is only €30 per course (20 weeks, 6 hours/wk if a night class, 9 hours if a day class), plus the cost of the textbook. The price was the main reason I moved to Mondriaan for B1 and now B2, but I haven’t found it that bad. It helps to supplement it with other activities outside of the course, though. (I would have done the same with Volksuniversiteit, of course).

      You can see a link here: http://www.rocmondriaan.nl/taal-plus-school
      It looks like Mondriaan has a course for 0-A2 (regular or Delft teaching method), which would mean A1+A2. After that you must take B1 and then B2. So maybe €90 for three lessons, plus a bit for textbooks? After that you can take the NT2 exam, which is €45 per section (4 sections – €180).

      Mondriaan has information nights every Monday at Brouwersgracht 50, 16:00-19:00, if you want to stop by and speak with them in person.

  3. Haagse hemel

    Hi, I’m a big fan of your blog and have a question about ROC Mondriaan Dutch courses. Today I find their website from the link above, stating “LET OP: Je kunt je NIET inschrijven als je nog inburgeringsplichting bent.” Was it possible for non-EU Dutch residents to take the courses before? Thank you!

    • The requirement was definitely on the page when I registered. “Inburgeringsplichting” means that you had to take the civic integration exam before you moved to the Netherlands, plus you have to have to take certain courses after you move here as well. See this link for more information:


      The link also includes exemptions (in my case I was exempt because I am a US citizen, so I didn’t take the exam before I moved here nor while I was here; I did the NT2 exam instead).

      So if you didn’t take the integration exam before you moved to the Netherlands, you should be okay to register. However, they did have to double check in my case and I heard someone else who had trouble with it a few years later, so it might not be easy.

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