De Brief voor de Koning (Or: A classic Dutch young adult book)

For the last few months I have been reading a Dutch classic by the name of De Brief voor de Koning (The Letter for the King).

De Brief voor de Koning boek

As I am a fan of books with a medieval setting, with knights and castles and the like, I jumped right in. Tiuri, the main character, is unexpectedly tasked with delivering a letter to a King – and this task required him to slip away the night before he was supposed to become a ridder (knight), dashing his hopes of ever becoming one. But the task soon grows complicated, as he watches a knight die, is chased by thieves, and is captured by other knights who believe he is the murderer. (Review in English | Dutch wikipedia page)

At SamenSpraak Café last Wednesday a friend asked another person if they had heard of the book. I was surprised to hear that they knew the book so I looked up the book next day. I had not realized that De Brief voor de Koning was actually a Dutch classic, written in 1962, so it made (more) sense for people to know about it.

For the most part I have listened to the book, rather than read it. I was able to get the CDs from a local library and then place them on my iPhone. But occasionally I do read the book as well, either with my taalmaatje or alone. At the moment I am about to begin the fourth part of the book, pg. 140, with about 300 pages to go…

vierde deel van De Brief van de Koning

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